Having access to working capital during the growth stages of your small business is crucial.We are a consultancy service that works with our clients on a personal basis. We work with you to not onlyfind the best fit in terms of a loan but our FREE CONSULTATION helps us to find the solutions and strategies thatalign with your goals and business objectives. With Integrity’s lenders, partners and investors You GET TECHNOLOGY KWOWLEDGE,PEOPLE and EXPERINCE. Use our services to help you grow your small business. Take the first step! Apply today!

Applying for Finance at Integrity Business Services is Easy

To explore how we can assist you in sourcing the working capital your small business needs and deserves, simply:
  • Download & Complete
    the Company Profile (PDF format) by selecting the icon at left or optionally, complete our short online contact request / application below and submit.
  • Initial Consultation.
    When we have your profile in hand, we will set up a short conference call to recommend the financing options available to solve your particular business capital needs.
  • Conference Call with Underwriters.
    Once we agree on a workable financing solution, we will set up a conference call with one of our underwriters to better define your loan facility, the costs involved, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Contracts
    If you believe our solution is the right one for you, contracts will be sent to you via overnight courier. Once returned, you will be just a few days from receiving the funding your small business needs.

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