Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services to small business entrepreneurs.

1Q. How much will I pay for your services?
A. Typically our fees are very minimal and are paid by the lender. In all instances we ensure that our clients are clear and transparent on any and all terms and fees. We’ll gladly discuss fees and any other questions. Just give a call.
2Q. My business is New? I applied and the bank stamped me DECLINED, what do I do?
A. A getting a bank loan can be very difficult if you are a new business with no credit history. With newly formed companies (our “BABIES”: if you will, no offence)a Microloan may be a solution, possibly Credit Repair or a Business Credit Building Strategy or a custom fit combination strategy that works for your business. If you’re a B2B business model factoring may be an option. Our entire consultation process has your business visions, goals and dreams in mind. We exercise a practice ofconcern and empathy. When you do well we do well! Check out our other services or contact us!
3Q. What are the costs of factoring?
A. Factoring is surprisingly affordable, for example: a 30 day fee rate is around the same as if your customer paid with a credit card. If you can afford to accept credit cards, you can afford factoring.
4Q. Can you arrange inventory financing?
A. Yes. We partner with many asset-based lenders that facilitate financing for accounts, inventory and equipment by issuing a revolving line of credit. We also have lenders who are very creative and work with you on an individual basis, even with exceptional cases.
5Q. Can I use more than one of your services at the same time?
A. Absolutely. Many clients for example use the Unsecured Merchant Line of Credit in conjunction with a Consumer Finance program, thereby giving them the best of both worlds. Additional available capital, for business growth and opportunities and a device to increase sales, revenue and customer loyalty.
6Q. How long will it take for me to get funded?
A. We partner with over 500 Commercial alternative lenders with varying underwriting criteria.But with timelysubmission of any necessary, requested documentation and financials (if required) and depending upon the lender anywhere between same day for a Merchant Cash Advance to 90 days or more with an SBA loan. In most instances, more expedient and flexible than a bank loan.
7Q. Do you work with small business help organizations?
A. We certainly do. We work with SCORE, SBDCs, Minority Business Development Agencies, and EDCs. We’re frequently getting calls to assist from local incubators to help start- up businesses.
8Q. Do you work with the construction Industry? General and Sub contractors?
A. This as a specialized part of commercial finance That we love! We can very often provide sub-contractors with ready working capital and advances on their invoices as longas the general contractor on the job is creditworthy.
9Q. Do you do on-site presentations?
A. Call us to set an appointment. Our consultationis FREE! In person locally, and schedule by phone nationwide and internationally.
10Q. How do I get started?
A. Download the Business profile form from the PDF- Apply or Call us, Fax, text or E-mail.

Applying for Finance at Integrity Business Services is Easy

To explore how we can assist you in sourcing the working capital your small business needs and deserves, simply:

Download & Complete the Company Profile (PDF format) by selecting the icon at left or optionally, complete our short online contact request / application below and submit.

Initial Consultation. When we have your profile in hand, we will set up a short conference call to recommend the financing options available to solve your particular business capital needs.

Conference Call with Underwriters. Once we agree on a workable financing solution, we will set up a conference call with one of our underwriters to better define your loan facility, the costs involved, and to answer any questions you may have.

Contracts. If you believe our solution is the right one for you, contracts will be sent to you via overnight courier. Once returned, you will be just a few days from receiving the funding your small business needs.

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